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Patriot Tree Company has provided honest, high-quality tree care and removal services to Colorado’s Northern Front Range communities since 2010. We are owned and operated by a team of five arborists and tree care professionals that have a combined 65+ years of experience working with trees. Whether it’s removing a large dead tree with our mobile crane, improving the health and structure of your favorite shade tree, or diagnosing and managing a tree health issue, we have the knowledge, skills, and tools to get the job done right.

Our Approach

Our approach to tree care seeks to balance the needs of individual trees with the goals and desires of the tree owner. We look to scientifically based methods of tree preservation and risk mitigation so that trees in our forests, both urban and native, can safely coexist with the people and property around them. We understand that when managing tree health, the best solutions are not only effective, but also limit negative impacts to the surrounding environment. And when a tree is no longer suitable for the space that it occupies, we use the most appropriate tree removal method for that situation.

Why Choose Patriot Tree Company

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In tree care, there is no substitute for time spent observing, inspecting, and working with trees. Our owner/operators have a combined 65+ years working with trees. They are continually passing that knowledge along to employees in the form of both classroom and on the job training.


It should extend through every part of the contracting process. From customer service, to sales, to the crews who do the hard work every day, we hold ourselves to the highest standards so that your experience is a smooth one.


It’s the best policy. Our sales ethics dictate that we only offer services that benefit the tree, the client, and/or the landscape. We will never try to sell you a service that serves only to improve our “bottom line”.

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At Patriot Tree Company, we believe that all trees growing near people or property have both benefits and risks, but with proper care and management, the risks are small and the benefits are many.

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