Northern Colorado Stump Grinding Services

Stump Grinding Services

“Professional Stump Grinding Services From Local Experts”

The best way to remove a stump is to grind it out. Stump grinders use a large spinning wheel with carbide teeth that cut and pulverize the stump into a fine mulch while the wheel rotates. The stump grinder then sweeps from one direction to the other, the wheel is lowered, and the process is repeated until the stump is turned to mulch.

Stump grinding is performed for many reasons, including for landscape aesthetics, desire to replant in the same space, and to mitigate tripping hazards. In some situations, stump grinding is not necessary or practical. Our commitment to excellence in both quality of work and customer satisfaction means you can be sure you are hiring the right stump grinding service for the job.

Our Stump Grinding Machines

Currently, we operate 3 different stump grinding machines depending on the size of the stump and its location. The smallest is the Alpine Magnum, which is a portable stump grinder that can grind stumps in almost any location. The Carlton 2300 is the next size up and is a self propelled, 36 hp grinder that is ideal for small to medium sized stumps. The Carlton 4400 is our largest stump grinder and is a 43 hp grinder that makes quick work out of the biggest stumps we encounter. Both Carlton’s require at least a 36 inch wide gate and fairly level terrain to access stumps. Our ability to grind any size stump in almost any location means you don’t need to hire multiple companies to get the job done. We can perform both the tree removal and the stump grinding making things easier for you.

What to Expect From a Stump Grinding Service

There are a few things that are helpful to be aware of before you have your stump ground by Patriot Tree Company. For a standard stump grind, we will rake the resulting mulch back into the hole where the stump was and leave the mulch there. This material is fantastic for use in gardens or as mulch for around other trees on your property. If you would like us to haul away the resulting mulch, please be sure that you have specified that with your sales arborist and that it is stated in the quote we provided.

In a standard stump grind, we grind down to approximately 8-10 inches below ground level. This is sufficient to re sod over or plant small landscape plants over. It is generally not enough to plant larger B&B trees. If you are wanting to plant a tree in the same space as a stump, we can help with a plan to make that happen, or can advise you if it is simply not practical to plant another tree in that space.
All stump grinding quotes include having us contact Colorado 811 to have underground utilities on the property marked prior to the grinding service. They will mark electric, gas, and communications lines at no charge. They do not mark sprinkler and irrigation lines! Please let us know if there are irrigation lines near the stump so that we can attempt to avoid them. If they are unavoidable, the stump grinding crew carries a basic repair kit to fix lines after the grinding is complete.