Firewood from Patriot Tree Company

Firewood & Wood Chips

We take great pride in the quality of our firewood and our customers are always happy.  All wood is cut to 18 inches or less in length so it fits in most wood stoves and fireplaces. Our wood is a mixed batch of hardwoods that grow in urban areas along the Front Range, including elm, locust, ash, maple, and cottonwood.


We sell split firewood by the cord. One cord of wood is measured at 128 cubic feet of wood. This is the most proper and consistent way of measuring firewood. We can deliver anywhere and delivery is free if you are local, a fee will apply if we have to go far.

Prices are:

  • $380 per cord
  • $220 per half cord
  • $140 per quarter cord

Delivery is included in the cost, an extra charge may be added if you’re far away or in the foothills.

Wood Chips

wood chips from patriot tree companyWe produce a lot of wood chips. These are what we call “rough arborist wood chips”, and are what comes out of the end of a chipper chute during our tree pruning and removal operations. They are fantastic for many uses around your property. Some of the applications for rough arborist wood chips include:

  • Garden mulch
  • Tree mulch
  • Walkways and Pathways
  • Mushroom cultivation
  • Composting

If you are interested in receiving a load of wood chips, PLEASE consider the following before asking to be added to our wood chip request list:

  • They contain every tree part that goes through the chipper, including leaves, needles, twigs, and wood.
  • They may contain small amounts of rock, sticks, and other debris from clean up operations
  • You can request a small dump truck (approx 6-8 cubic yards), a medium sized dump truck (approx 8-10 yards), or a large dump truck (approx 12-15 yards) and we can ONLY dump whole truck loads, no half loads
  • We can not take special orders on species composition or promise any loads will not contain leaves or needles
  • After being added to the list, it may take a few days, a few weeks, or a few months depending on where you are located and current request volume
  • We can NOT dump chips on sidewalks or in roadways. You must have a space on your property that is accessible with a dump truck. Driveways, front yards, and open accessible fields are all places where we can dump chips
  • We can NOT pick up chips once they are dumped

If a delivery of wood chips still sounds like a good idea to you, please give our office a call and ask to be placed on our wood chip request list.