Certified Arborist Consultation in Northern Colorado

Arborist Consultation

“Practical and Professional Guidance from Experienced Arborists”

Are you concerned about the risks that a large tree poses to your property? Do you manage a large commercial property and need professional help caring for thousands of trees? Are you adding a new addition to a house and want to preserve the old maple tree close by? There are many reasons why homeowners find themselves needing the advice and guidance of an experienced arborist and we are happy to meet with you to discuss your tree issues.

Tree Risk Assessment

A Tree Risk Assessment (TRA) performed by an ISA Certified Arborist can provide valuable information about tree health and likelihood of failure. The goal is to help make well informed decisions about tree preservation or tree removal. We do this by identifying structural defects and detrimental health conditions and then rating the risk that both the whole tree and individual tree parts pose, using the International Society of Arboriculture’s Basic Tree Risk Assessment protocol. With the information gained from the TRA, we can assess the degree of risk posed by your tree and offer options to reduce that risk. Erik carries an ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) and has been performing TRA’s in the Front Range of Colorado since 2012.

Tree Inventories

When large properties have many trees, it is helpful to document an inventory of what is present to aid in making decisions concerning the care and maintenance of these trees. Tree Inventories include information such as tree species, location, overall health, notes on defects, and recommended work. They can prioritize recommended work based on safety, health, and aesthetic considerations. We can also perform Tree Inventories for large commercial properties and HOA’s, and highly recommend all large commercial properties have a Tree Inventory performed before requesting bids for Plant Health Care services.

Tree Protection Plans

During construction projects, lots of care and planning needs to take place to minimally disturb the trees that are being kept on the property. Our ISA Certified Master Arborist Erik Gustafson has helped many homeowners and construction companies design and implement Tree Protection Plans that balance the needs of the trees with the desires of the people living with them. Having a depth of knowledge concerning how tree species in Front Range Colorado respond to different stresses and damages is critical to developing effective Tree Protection Plans.

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